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CoU Shaheed Minar out of electricity coverage

 Khurshed Alam, Comilla University

 Published: 08:47 PM, 6 December 2018   Updated: 10:18 PM, 6 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Bad activities increase at the evening in Comilla University (CoU) Central Shaheed Minar caused electricity disconnection. As a result, students feel unsafe and insecure at evening.

Based on the information from the electricity department of CoU, there are at least 60 lampposts from the university main gate to central mosque. But no electricity connection there. So, in the evening, it becomes a haunted place.

After daylight, students are gathered with friends to spend some quality time and gossiping at University’s Shaheed Minar area. Due to darkness, the number of drug addict, evil-minded people is increased day by day at the area. The matter is confirmed by some students.

University’s 10th batch, a student of MCJ, Akter Hossain said, “Comilla University is a hilly campus. So, there is a fear of snakes. In the darkness, it’s very risky to go to Shaheed Minar.”

Same batch student of Public Administration, Shah Karim Sajid said, “We feel risk to go to Shaheed Minar at evening because there is no electricity.”

When Daily Bangladesh wanted to know about the security in Shaheed Minar area, University Security Officer Sadek Hossain Mazumder said, “There has a shortage of workers in the security sector. Still, we are trying our best to take the place secured. If the administration increases security workers and allocates money, we can ensure the security of the Shaheed Minar area more.”

When asked university Assistant Engineer(electricity) Md. Zakir Hossain to know about solving steps of a certain problem, He replied, “We are trying to decorate the whole campus nicely. New budget will be allocated soon. Shaheed Minar area will also fall under electricity coverage.”