Alexa Clients suffer as money not available in booths

Dhaka, Tuesday   23 July 2019

Clients suffer as money not available in booths

 Mir Shakhawat Hossain Sohel

 Published: 02:43 PM, 3 June 2019   Updated: 02:44 PM, 3 June 2019

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Customers are being victimized without getting money in the ATM booths of the capital. Due to lack of money, daily work cannot be done. This problem has been created for two days before Eid. 

Many have reacted with outrage over not getting money. The customers complained that the ATM booth did not have enough money left. Banks have ignored the guidelines of the Bangladesh Bank in this regard.

This image of suffering has seen in the capital’s government and private banks’ ATM booth. Meanwhile, money is available in one or two booths, but there are many crowds. 

Customers in line for money transaction from an ATM booth

Sohel Rahman, a journalist in the profession. Like other days, he has to go the market on Monday morning. As he has an ATM card, he does not keep money in the pocket. But when he went to ATM booth for money transaction, he saw a notice labeled ‘No money’ and “scheduled time for money transaction”. In this, Sohel fell in a lot of trouble. Because he has no money for shopping raw market for family. 

“I don’t know what to do now. As ATM booths have no money, I think I need to borrow money from others,” said Sohel Rahman with while hesitant while asking him, “Could he withdraw money?” 

Such notice is now showing in booths

Thus, not only Sohel Rahman, many customers have been suffering from this problem since Sunday. Many people now keep ATM cards instead of cash in pocket to avoid the risk. 

We took ATM card with additional charges for withdrawing money at the moment of need and can transact money anytime. If not, then what is the profit of the card?, said Many customers suffering this problem with anger. 

Money available in few banks

When visited the ATM booths of the bank located in various places in the capital to inquiry about this, the security personnel charged in most of the booths say ‘money is not available’. However, a very few bank’s booths have money, learned from the security staffs of those banks.   

Customers complain that ATM booths have a financial crisis every year during the Eid holidays. Customers cannot withdraw money from ATM booth as per demand. There is no remedy for complaining to the concerned bank. Bangladesh Bank has ordered banks to take precautions to ensure adequate measure for the Eid on the long leave and provide adequate security to the customers. After ordering this to the country’s banks, the customers are still facing severe problems due to the financial crisis.