Clean imaged Shahed is basically cunning and greedy: RAB DG...

Dhaka, Sunday   09 August 2020

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Clean imaged Shahed is basically cunning and greedy: RAB DG

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 08:12 PM, 15 July 2020   Updated: 08:19 PM, 15 July 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

“No matter how much Shahed Karim, the main accused in the fraud case including the coronavirus tests’ fake report Against Regent Hospital and the chairman of the Regent Group, tries to establish himself as a person with a clean image, he is basically clever, cunning and greedy,” said RAB DG Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun

RAB DG made the remark in a press release at RAB headquarters at 3pm on Wednesday.

Elaborating on some of his allegations of fraud, the RAB DG said that he used to identify himself as a retired army officer. Sometimes he introduced himself as a media personality. He also took photographs with important personalities of the country and used those systematically. Even the investigation has revealed that Shahed has cheated the sand and stone traders with fake licenses.

He said that after being arrested from Satkhira and brought to Dhaka, RAB went on an operation with Shahed and his accomplice Masood. One lakh 46 thousand counterfeit amount of money was recovered from one of the Regent Group offices there.

Citing fraud in the name of Coronavirus test report, RAB DG further said that many cases have been registered against him. Those information are being checked and sorted.

Although it was supposed to be a free coronavirus test, his organization took Tk 3,500 to 4,000. He used to take Tk 1000 for re-examination. He make admitted people to the ICU and demanded a large sum of money. So far, Shahed’s organization has tested more than 10,000 samples and made 6,000 fake reports. On the one hand, the money was taken from the patient, on the other hand, the Shahed’s hospital also submitted the bill to the Ministry of Health.

Asked where he had been in hiding for the last few days, the RAB DG said, “It is known from the interrogation that he was in hiding in different places one day. He was in Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar and Satkhira areas. He was caught trying to leave the country by boat through the Lobangabati canal at the Komarpur border. Legal action is being taken against him.”

In response to a question from reporters on how the fraudster was caught, the RAB DG said, “In the meantime, you know what kind of fraud Shahed can do. For the past few days, he has been moving from one place to another. We followed him. We finally got able to arrest him. 

Asked when he left Dhaka, the RAB Director General said, “He has left Dhaka, returned to Dhaka and left again. All this time he was traveling in a private car, sometimes on foot, sometimes in a truck. We were finally able to catch him as while crossing by boat.”