Alexa Class four schoolgirl ‘Hafeza’ in 2.11 yrs!

Dhaka, Monday   18 November 2019


Class four schoolgirl ‘Hafeza’ in 2.11 yrs!

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 Published: 10:51 PM, 21 October 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

In just two years eleven months, a school student named Tasnim Tayiba (Pushpa) memorized the entire Holy Quran. Pushpa, a student of ‘Bogra's School of the Quran’ is a fourth-grade student. Tasnim memorizes the entire Quran spending a little time each day.

On this occasion, the School of the Quran authorities organized a reception.

‘The school of the Holy Quran’ was established in Bogra town in 2015. The institution is teaching the Quran, Arabic language and urgent Masala-Masail to school students. Currently, it has about a thousand students.

In just four years five students got Hafez/Hafeza from the institution. On October 17, another student, Orakatus Sahara, who is studying the fifth grade.

Chairman of the organization, Mufti Monowar Hussain, said, "There is everything in the country, only the characterless is increased. Allah-fearing, characteristic people is very important. Spread the invitation of the Quran”.