Chocolate Cake Day: Eat as many as chocolate cake today!...

Dhaka, Sunday   07 March 2021

Chocolate Cake Day: Eat as many as chocolate cake today!

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 Published: 03:05 PM, 27 January 2021   Updated: 03:14 PM, 27 January 2021

Eat as many as chocolate cake today!

Eat as many as chocolate cake today!

A program or event seems to be incomplete without a birthday, wedding anniversary or any celebration cake. But if it is a chocolate cake, then there is no saying that you have to fight a little to save your share! All including elders, youths like to eat chocolate cake. The combination of chocolate and cake will enhance the taste of your mouth a little more.

Today is Chocolate Cake Day. Today is a happy day for those who love chocolate cakes. Today you can break your diet and eat as many cakes as you want on the occasion of your favorite cake day. Do you know the history of this day? But first, let’s get to know the history of chocolate with cake and how it became popular with everyone —

The chocolate cake’s main ingredient – chocolate, was invented about 300 years ago. A man named James Baker, who was also a physician, invented a way to make chocolate from cocoa bean powder in 1764 AD. Baker’s Chocolate later gained worldwide fame.

All including elders, youths like to eat chocolate cake

Rodolphe Lindt, a founder of the Lindt Chocolate Factory, developed a technique for making softer and better chocolate. He made a special device for mixing chocolate in his factory, resulting in the high-quality chocolate being made there.

After making delicious chocolate, the thought of mixing it with cake comes to mind. The Duff Company in Petersburg, Pennsylvania, USA, first introduced people to chocolate cakes. For this, Devil’s Food Cake has made, as a result, new techniques of making more delicious and improved chocolate cakes come out day by day. 

Betty Crocker of General Mills Company in the United States makes dried chocolate cakes. The cakes they make are quite popular. Cakes baked of liquid chocolate gained huge popularity in 1990.

Chocolate cake is at the top of the list at any festival

According to the Dover Post, a weekly newspaper in the state of Delaware in the United States, Eliza Leslie, author of the popular Philadelphia cookbook, shared a recipe for chocolate cake in ‘The Ladies Recipe’ in 1847. But compared to today’s chocolate cake, it was snuffy. It can be called a piece of chocolate. Over time — delicious, soft chocolate cakes were made in recipes by Sarah Tyson Rorer, Maria Parler. They are the authors of the cookbook.

Chocolate cake is also very popular in Bangladesh. Various chocolates are now also available in Bangladesh. New types of chocolate cakes are being made now, as a result, there are a lot of demands for these nowadays. All kinds of cakes including coats, dry, plain, black forest instead of the previous chocolate and cream layer cakes are now available. Chocolate cakes also have different tastes and flavors.

You can make your own chocolate cake to make your loved one happy

Although the day is not celebrated in that way in our country, however, different types of events are organized in different countries of the world on the occasion of this day. In fact, Chocolate Cake Day celebrations are less common in Asia than in the United States or Europe.

In the U.S., Chocolate Cake Day is more popular. The only thing they do to celebrate the day - to eat and have fun with friends and relatives. Many people go to their favorite cake shop and thank them for making good cakes. Many people give their own cake recipes at the cake shop if they want. Pictures of self-made chocolate cakes, chocolate cake recipes, pictures of eating chocolate cakes are posted on social media. Not just pictures, but videos of delicious chocolate cakes are also posted.

Today you can eat cake as much as you like

Lemon Cake, Orange Cake, no matter how many new cakes come out – the chocolate cake can be called the ‘King of Cakes’. Besides chocolate cakes of the US, German chocolate cakes are also quite popular. Even the Chilean chocolate cake is delicious enough. On Chocolate Cake Day, new cakes can be made on YouTube. From the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, Chocolate Cake Day became a part of the culture.