Chinese soldiers use `strange` weapons to kill Indian soldiers...

Dhaka, Thursday   06 May 2021

Chinese soldiers use `strange` weapons to kill Indian soldiers

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 Published: 07:48 PM, 18 June 2020   Updated: 07:48 PM, 18 June 2020

Chinese soldiers kill Indian soldiers with `strange` weapons. Photo: Anandabazar Online.

Chinese soldiers kill Indian soldiers with `strange` weapons. Photo: Anandabazar Online.

Chinese troops have killed Indian troops with 'strange' weapons, not ammunition. This strange weapon is made of iron. Which is about four feet long. The iron head has one to one-and-a-half-foot sections with rows and rows of sharp nails. The Chinese army defeated the Indian army with such weapons.

Citing military sources, several barbed iron rods were recovered from the spot of Indo-Chinese clashes on Thursday, Anandabazar Online reported.

According to a media report, army officials claim that such a rod hit is more deadly than a firearm in close combat. They came to know about this by talking to the injured soldiers admitted to Udhampur Army Hospital and District Hospital of Leh.

According to the report, citing sources, about one company (100 to 120 people) was attacked by Chinese troops. The Indian army claimed that the attack was planned at that time. Sources also claimed that there were five times more Chinese troops than Indian troops at the time of the attack.

The Chinese forces hit randomly with barbed rods. The condition of the four soldiers in crisis has improved. Their physical condition remains stable. They will be able to join the army camp within 14 days. They were reportedly hit in the head.

Meanwhile, a meeting between the Indo-Chinese forces at the level of Major General has started at 10:30 am on Thursday to ease the tension on the border. The meeting is being held in Moldo, China, across the Chisul border. But no decision was taken at that meeting. The meeting remains unresolved. Major General Harindra Singh is leading the meeting on behalf of India.

India and China have maintained military readiness along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) even in bilateral talks to defuse tensions. From New Delhi, the army has been given clearance to buy 'logistics' as required. At the same time, the green signal has been given to decide at the local level how to deal with such a situation.

After that, clothes like 'Body Armor' or a special type of armor are being sent for the soldiers deployed in the Line of Actual Control. This clothing can prevent sharp weapon hits.