China’s spacecraft ‘Chang’e-5’ lands on Moon...

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China’s spacecraft ‘Chang’e-5’ lands on Moon

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 Published: 11:36 AM, 2 December 2020   Updated: 02:45 PM, 2 December 2020

Chang’e-5; Representational Photo

Chang’e-5; Representational Photo

The Chinese spacecraft Chang’e-5, which was sent to collect rock samples from the Moon, has successfully landed, the BBC reported, quoted the Chinese media on Tuesday.  

Chinese scientists hope the spacecraft will collect rock samples on the Moon’s land.

China says it has successfully conducted another investigation into the moon. The Chang’e-5 spacecraft landed on the moon a short time ago with the aim of collecting rock and dust samples to return to Earth.

If China succeeds in this mission, it will be the third country in the world to be added to the list of samples collected from the moon. Earlier, only the United States and the Soviet Union were able to do so in the 1960s and 1970s.

The purpose of the mission is to collect pebbles and soil from there, which will help scientists to know the source, structure and volcanic state of the moon.

A few days after landing, it is expected to examine the surrounding fields and collect surface materials from the Moon. 

The spacecraft will collect two kilograms of samples from an area called “Ocean of Storm”. Samples have never been collected from there before. The place is a huge lava plain area.

The spacecraft has a number of instruments including a camera, spectrometer, radar, a scoop and a drill for ease of operation.

Earlier on Tuesday, the eight-ton ‘Chang’e-5’ spacecraft started its journey from the Wencheng Space Center in Hainan Province, China at 4:30 am.

According to the country's media, if all goes well, Chang’e-5 will return to Earth in mid-December.