China to send 100,000 ducks to battle Pakistan’s locust plague

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


China to send 100,000 ducks to battle Pakistan’s locust plague

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 Published: 10:43 PM, 27 February 2020  

Locusts; Photo: Collected

Locusts; Photo: Collected

China is planning to send a force of 100,000 ducks to Pakistan to save the country from the invasive locust attacks. The pest and locust-eater ducks will be shipped from Zhejiang, the eastern province of China.

China’s local news media Ningbo reported on Thursday.

Pakistan has faced the deadliest locust attacks in the last two decades.

Earlier, a group of Chinese experts was sent to Pakistan to find a way to control the locusts. In northwestern Xinjiang, China dealt with the situation 20 years ago by using swan forces, to battle the locusts situation similar to Pakistan. 

There are two types of benefits that can be used for the use of duck forces, the evening daily Ningbo reported. It will cost less on one side than pesticides, on the other hand, it will not harm the environment. In addition, it will also be easier to control them because the duck team prefers to stay together than chicken. 

Compared to chickens, ducks’ locust-eating is also higher. A chicken does not eat more than 70 locusts a day where a duck can eat more than 200 locusts easily. That is, a duck can eat about three times more locusts than a chicken.

Pakistan has been the victim of locust attacks since last year. As a result, cotton, one of Pakistan’s most economical crops has suffered. This year, this has become a threat to wheat production in Pakistan.

Source: Parstoday, The Guardian