China suffers $420 bn in a month

Dhaka, Tuesday   31 March 2020


China suffers $420 bn in a month

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 Published: 10:32 AM, 15 February 2020  

Photo: Symbolic

Photo: Symbolic

The death toll in the coronavirus in China has already exceeded one and a half thousand. The number of infected patients has exceeded 66,000. The BBC reports that the dead were also listed with citizens of Hong Kong and Philippines. The number of people infected with the novella coronavirus is increasing every day. Not only that, the virus has already spread from China to different countries of the world. In such a situation, China's economy is severely affected in just one month.

Local media reports say that the Chinese economy has reached the bottom. It is said that the economy of the country is on the bottom line in the history of 30 years. Which is a big blow to the Chinese economy.

It has been reported that in the last four years, the profits of Chinese companies have suddenly decreased. In the wake of the virus, various outside agencies have also stopped jumping offices in China. Bringing back all the staff from there. The stock market in Communist China has also seen a major decline.

Economists say that in the last one month, financial loses only for coronavirus was $420 billion, which is Tk 33,000,00 crore in Bangladeshi money.

India has borders with China. Nepal and India have issued Special alert for finding coronavirus patient in the home.