China occupies 128,000 sq km of India; Rajnath Singh says...

Dhaka, Tuesday   20 October 2020

China occupies 38,000 sq km of India, claims 90,000 sq km more

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 Published: 11:41 AM, 19 September 2020   Updated: 04:32 PM, 19 September 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

China has occupied a huge land of 38,000 sq km of India's border with Ladakh. Now they are claiming another 90,000 square kilometers of Arunachal Pradesh as their own, reports India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday opening his mouth for the first time in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of parliament, over the Chinese occupation in Ladakh.

He also issued a stern warning against China. On the ongoing tensions between India and China in Ladakh, Rajnath said, “Our troops are on the border.

The guard must continue. The army will have to be deployed in Ladakh in the coming winter. Because China still illegally occupies an area of ​​about 38,000 square kilometers. They are not complying with the terms of the Line of Actual Control, he said in the legislative house.

They continue to be persuasive. Warning China, the Indian defense minister said, "India will not tolerate such reckless activities. We can start a war, but it will not end. '

However, Rajnath said India was still keen to continue talks with China to maintain peace.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has been repeatedly asked by the opposition over the past few months how much territory China has occupied in India. A few days ago, the website of the Indian Ministry of Defense claimed that no Chinese had entered India in six months.

However, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told the Rajya Sabha on the same day that China has occupied 38,000 sq km of Indian territory and the area had been under Chinese occupation for six months.

Earlier on Tuesday, in a statement on Ladakh in the lower house of parliament, Rajnath Singh drew attention to the history of Ladakh and said that China occupied 38,000 sq km of Ladakh.

In the 1963 Sino-Pakistani border agreement, Pakistan illegally ceded 5,180 sq km of Indian territory in Pakistan-administered Kashmir to China.