China moving towards ‘global relations’...

Dhaka, Tuesday   20 October 2020

China moving towards ‘global relations’

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 Published: 09:38 PM, 23 September 2020  

China’s President Xi Jinping

China’s President Xi Jinping

China’s President Xi Jinping has set his country on the goal of boosting global ties in a video conference with senior members of the organization on Monday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, believes an American expert Robert Lawrence Kohan. 

Robert Lawrence Kohan, chairman of the Kohan Foundation, said in an email to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, identifying three principles and expressed his views.

“First of all, the only way to work in the contemporary world in the process of multilateralism and formation through the United Nations. Second, the big countries should hold each other as partners in complying with international law and their commitments. Third, unilateralism should be rejected where a country exercises dominance,” he said. 

Kohan said President Xi Jinping has presented China as free from seeking dominance and control. He indirectly recently referred to the issue of public charges in western China, saying that the “Chinese empire has no will of dominance.” 

“Xin Jinping’s message is that no powerful country should be allowed to dominate, oppress or be the boss of the world” – Robert Lawrence Kohan thinks that the Chinese president gave the message without any other goal.

Kohan added that the Chinese president is helping to increase the representation and voice of developing countries – where many countries may doubt it. The health sector in particular is being over-evaluated.

“President Xi Jinping not only talked but also urged to act,” he also said.