China lies over coronavirus infected, it topped .9 million!...

Dhaka, Tuesday   26 January 2021

China lies over coronavirus infected, it topped .9 million!

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 Published: 02:14 PM, 26 January 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The number of people suffering from coronavirus in China is increasing rapidly as well as spreading to the countries across the world alarmingly as it reaches to the 13 countries till Sunday. So far, about 0.10 million people have been infected with the virus in China, said a nurse working there although the country’s government is trying to keep it hidden; news the Daily Mail.

However, the country's government has said that about two thousand people have been infected with the new virus so far. The first outbreak of the virus occurred in Hubei's capital city, Wuhan, in late December.

A nurse wearing a protective suit and face mask treating the sick in Wuhan has claimed that 90,000 people have already been infected by the coronavirus in China – far more than the figure of just 1,975 issued by government officials.

Her warning from the heart of the outbreak emerged as the Chinese government faced accusations of censoring criticism of its handling of the disease in order to play down the crisis.

The outbreak of the new virus originated in China, where it has infected more than 1,970 people and killed 56, and has spread worldwide.

Speaking in video footage seen online, the unnamed woman says: ‘I’m in the area where the coronavirus started. I’m here, to tell the truth. At this moment, Hubei province, including the Wuhan area, even China, 90,000 people have been infected by the coronavirus.’

According to a Daily Mail report, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. She warned everyone in that video. "I want to tell everyone who is watching this video, please do not go out," he said. Don't party. Don't eat anything outside. After a year we can celebrate the New Year. If you are safe now, you will be able to get along well with the family next year.

If the virus is infected, there may be fever and dry cough in the beginning. After a few weeks, breathing problems also arose. Many times pneumonia can also occur. In some cases, patients have to be admitted to the hospital as their condition worsens. However, these symptoms were reported only after the patients were admitted to the hospital.

It is still unknown whether or not it is the primary cause of coronary infection. But the new coronavirus is dangerous enough. It can range from the symptoms of common cold-fever to the door of death.

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned of a deadly new virus spreading rapidly. At a special meeting held with Chinese officials at China's New Year's Eve, the president said the country is in a "dire situation".

Meanwhile, the virus in China has spread to 13 countries across the world. Coronavirus infection has been detected in Australia, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, France, and the United States so far. In China, the death toll from the virus has risen to 56.