Alexa China coronavirus death toll mounts to 1483

Dhaka, Friday   28 February 2020


China coronavirus death toll mounts to 1483

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 Published: 01:26 PM, 14 February 2020   Updated: 03:34 PM, 14 February 2020



Deadly coronavirus kills 116 more in China, in addition, another 4,823 people were affected. As a result, the death toll in the country so far has risen to 1483. About 65,000 people were affected.

Hubei Health Authority said on Friday that 116 people died in the province on Thursday with 4823 fresh confirmed cases. In Hubei alone, the number of affected patients stood at 51,986.  

In order to prevent the virus from spreading, China has separated Hubei province from the whole country. All contacts with the region are closed to the outside world including China.

Health experts, meanwhile, say that “the extent of the traumatic news is not known in the daily reports”. Because those infected with the virus are being admitted to the hospital, only their statistics are being taken. So it is very difficult to find out or calculate the actual confirmed cases, which is another cause for fear.

Coronavirus patients have been identified in 26 countries, including all the provinces of China. So far 524 people have been affected outside China. 

Three people died each in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan. Japan has been the most affected outside of China.

So far 175 people have been identified as having coronavirus in the coast ship ‘Diamond Princess’, anchored at the port of Yokohama, Japan. The ship is now in quarantine with 3700 passengers. 

Singapore is next to Japan in the list of most affected where 47 people have been affected with coronavirus. Four of them were reported to be Bangladeshis.

The Singapore government has placed 19 people in quarantine who were in contact with the two patients where 10 of them are Bangladeshi.