China, India agree to halt troop deployments in Ladakh...

Dhaka, Thursday   22 October 2020

China, India agree to halt troop deployments in Ladakh

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 Published: 08:49 PM, 23 September 2020  



India and China have vowed not to deploy new troops along the disputed Ladakh border.

A joint statement issued from New Delhi on Monday said the two countries had agreed to avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions and to refrain from changing the situation on the border alone.

According to the South China Morning Post, senior military officials from the two countries met for the sixth time on Monday to discuss border issues.

During the talks, the two countries agreed not to deploy new troops on the border and not to take any steps that could complicate the situation.

According to the Hindustan Times, this is the first time foreign ministry representatives have attended a military-level meeting on the Indo-China border.

The Indian delegation was led by Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, Commander of Leh-based 14 Corps of the Indian Army.

On the other hand, the Chinese delegation was led by Major General Liu Lin, commander of the South Xinjiang Military Zone.

Earlier, China and India agreed on five plans to defuse tensions on the Ladakh border over the past few months. A meeting between the two countries’ foreign ministers in Moscow, Russia, earlier this month agreed to take steps to defuse border tensions. But despite these attempts at a diplomatic, military and political solution, tensions remain on the border between the two sides.

Last week, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh accused China of violating bilateral border agreements and continuing to expand troops along the border. Despite the allegations, both sides agreed to ensure peace on Tuesday.