Alexa Child in left elbow helps early speaking

Dhaka, Sunday   17 November 2019


Child in left elbow helps early speaking

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 Published: 02:06 PM, 8 November 2019  

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Most people feel comfortable to take the baby on the left elbow. But do you know how much beneficial for the baby to keep it in the left elbow? A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience and Biobehavioral has reported such information.

After experimenting over the results of more than forty studies on the subject the German-based study found that 66 to 72 percent of people putting their children on the left arm. This is also common for those who are right-handed. The right hand is open when the child is placed in the left elbow that results in many benefits to doing works.

The 70 to 95 percent of people are right-handed where 73 percent of women and 64 percent of men take the baby in the left elbow.

According to a study done in 1996, if the mother keeps the baby on the left side in a way that makes the baby stand, the mother's brain produces a sensitive reaction and the right side of the baby's brain produces the sensation that helps the baby to start talking. In addition, the left side is one of the main reasons to keep the baby close to the heart which is basically more comfortable for the baby.