Chicken soup in hotel style!...

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Chicken soup in hotel style!

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 Published: 04:58 PM, 19 October 2019  

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Chicken soup is available in the morning in hotels of all kinds, small and large. It can be eaten with bread, paratha, naan or chapati. Those who have breakfast from hotels must eat it. But this delicious soup can be made at home very easily. Now let’s find out the recipe —


250 grams of chicken with bone, 2 cups of milk, 4 tablespoon of soybean oil, 3 tablespoon of butter or ghee, pepper 10 pieces, 3 pieces cardamom, 2 pieces of cinnamon, cloves 4 to 5, bay leaf 2 [pi9eces, onion paste half cup, garlic paste 1 teaspoon, ginger paste 1 teaspoon, coriander powder half teaspoon, yogurt 1 tablespoon, coconut granule 3 tablespoons, raw pepper 3 to 5, salt to taste.

In a pan, combine 2 tablespoons of butter oil with soybean oil. Now give it a bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper. After frying sometimes add onion paste, garlic- ginger paste, coriander powder, yogurt, and coconut. Break the raw pepper by hand. Stir everything well. When it is boiling, give it in salt and chicken. 

Raise the heat of the oven and wait until the chicken is white. Now cover the pan with milk and a cup of water and cook on medium heat. 
Once the meat is fully cooked, cover it with 1 table butter or ghee. After a while, a little raw pepper keeps in the pan lightly. Then put down the pan and serve it with hot bread, paratha or naan.