Chaos over mobile theft in Soumya’s wed

Dhaka, Sunday   29 March 2020


Chaos over mobile theft in Soumya’s wed

 Khulna Correspondent

 Published: 10:01 AM, 27 February 2020   Updated: 10:15 AM, 27 February 2020

Soumya`s wedding ceremony

Soumya`s wedding ceremony

The marriage ceremony of Bangladesh National Cricket team all-rounder Soumya Sarkar was started at Khulna Club on Wednesday night in a pleasant atmosphere. But the joy went down following an incident of mobile phone theft within an hour.

In the wake of a mobile theft incident, members of Soumya's family were beaten. This situation runs from 11 am to 12 am at the Khulna club premises. Later, the police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control.

The members of Soumyar's family said that seven mobile phones were stolen including the phone of Soumya's father, Kishori Mohan Sarker, industrialist Dinabandhu Mitra and Soumya's friend Oli. Soumya’s brother Income Tax Deputy Commissioner Pranab Kumar Sarker informed the employees of Khulna Club about mobile theft and went to apprehend the thieves. At that time, some of the club's employees took the position on behalf of the thieves and even they attacked Pranab and Oli. For about half an hour, the formality of the whole marriage goes down.

Soumya Sarkar's uncle, Swadesh Kumar Sarkar, said that when they entered the gate through the crowd, the mobile of Dinabandhu Mitra was stolen. After this, seven mobile phones were also stolen from the groom-team including Soumya’s father, friend Oli. “After catching the thieves red-handed, Khulna Club employees took position for thieves and attacked us,” he stated also.

He further said that if the Khulna club authorities and police first took the matter into action, Soumya’s relatives wouldn’t have been beaten.

Eyewitnesses said that Soumya's relatives called the phone to the lost mobile number after the mobile was stolen. Then, the mobile was rang belonged to one people in a little distance. When he was caught, other five mobiles ware found at him. Then the dispute took place.

Meanwhile, law and order personnel visited in Khulna Club after the incident. Later, senior officials of the police and club authorities met with Soumya's parents.

Khulna Sadar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Aslam Bahar Bulbul said, there was a dispute with the groom’s team and people of Khulna Club over the mobile theft. There was no incident of beating. Two thieves are detained at the police station. Five mobile phones were recovered from them. They will be questioned later.