Change mentality to stop violence against women...

Dhaka, Friday   23 October 2020

Change mentality to stop violence against women

 Humayun Kabir

 Published: 05:32 PM, 15 October 2020   Updated: 05:41 PM, 15 October 2020

Change mentality to stop violence against women

Change mentality to stop violence against women

Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is always strict about any kind of oppression against women. She describes rapists as “beasts”.

The government has set capital punishment for rape. President M Abdul Hamid has promulgated an ordinance in this regard.

Earlier, Prime Minister stood against acid throwing.  According to law, the highest punishment for acid throwing is death penalty. As a result, acid violence has been reduced by implementing law. So, we hope this heinous act will also be reduced.

It is noted that there was no rigid law against acid throwing in Bangladesh.

But, how a rapist is being made, what areas of society are making a child the next rapist. An influential medium like cinema teaches children to think that a woman is not safe, that she will be sexually harassed or raped if she walks alone on the street; then, we have to understand that the problem is deeper.

Just ensuring the maximum punishment will not be enough to ensure the security of women. The execution of maximum punishment for rape must reduce the number of rapes.

But in the long run, we need to start from the very beginning to stop all forms of violence against women, including rape. We need to make some changes not only in family or educational institutions but also in conventional social practices and cultural activities.

Prime Minister’s daughter Saima Wazed Hossain said that we have to change the mentality towards women first to reduce the incidents of rape and oppression against women in Bangladesh.

She emphasized on teaching gender equality from an early age to establish a safe society.

A girl has to overcome many obstacles to live freely. First barrier comes from her family, then she faces discrimination in society. Girls are often considered a burden, especially for poor households.

The main reason behind violence against women is sexual assault and domestic violence, dowry, familial conflict. After marriage, she has to endure domestic violence in rural areas of Bangladesh. 

Our conventional society does not give proper dignity to women. Why should a woman walk in fear, why should a woman live in fear?

So, we need radical changes. So, a woman can live as a human being, can live with proper dignity. We should respect women everywhere, at home, outside, on the streets, at school and at workplace.

It will be possible when we change our attitude and mentality towards women.