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Dhaka, Saturday   06 June 2020

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Chandpur lockdown

 Chandpur Correspondent

 Published: 04:22 PM, 9 April 2020   Updated: 04:26 PM, 9 April 2020

Notification published for Chandpur Lockdown

Notification published for Chandpur Lockdown

The district administration has declared Chandpur a lockdown to prevent coronavirus infection in the district.

On Thursday afternoon, DC Md.Majedur Rahman posted a mass notification on his Facebook account.

The notice said, ‘to prevent coronavirus infection in the district, the according to the Infectious Disease Prevention Act, 2018 (11) (1)(2)(3), Chandpur district administration’s decesion in a meeting and counseling concerned authorities, a lockdown is declared in Chandpur. Both incoming and outgoing from the district is declared banned. Until further announcement, people from others district will not be able to enter the district and no one will be able to go to other districts from this district area. People and traffic will also remain suspended on the internal roads of the district.

The notification also says, the medical services, medicine and food delivery car will be out of the ban,

This decision will remain in force until further instructions, the notice added.