Challengers always stand by people in COVID-19 crisis: COO Yasir...

Dhaka, Saturday   11 July 2020

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Challengers always stand by people in COVID-19 crisis: COO Yasir

 Asaduzzaman Liton

 Published: 03:42 PM, 2 June 2020   Updated: 03:45 PM, 2 June 2020

Chattogram Challengers

Chattogram Challengers

Chattogram Challengers, one of the best teams of the Bangabandhu Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). In the second qualifier, the team was forced to lose to an unexpected storm of a monster named Andre Russell. But before that, the Challengers took a special place in the minds of the spectators as a result of their great performance throughout the BPL. 

Syed Yasir Alam, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Chittagong Challengers, recently gave an interview to Daily Bangladesh – where he discussed various issues about the team and the current situation, informed about the current activities of the team and the secrets of doing well.

Let’s get to know the present, past, and some other information of Chattogram Challengers, one of the most popular teams of BPL, from Yasir Alam.

Syed Yasir Alam, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Chittagong Challengers

Q: At the time of coronavirus, you are working to raise awareness on COVID-19 through franchises and players. What is the purpose of this work?

Yasir: First of all, we, as players or teams, are entertainers. In the difficult times of coronavirus, we have seen many were coming forward through food and financial assistance from the beginning, however, no one seems to come forward with awareness.

Chattogram Challengers are one of the best and most popular teams in BPL. Besides, the local and foreign players in our team are also well known. So, we are working to increase awareness through social media using our popularity.

Our goal is to get the same message across to a large population – “stay home, stay clean, and stay safe.” We think this is the basic need to combat the virus. 

COO Syed Yasir Alam with Mahmudullah Riyad

Q: Chittagong Challengers have played like champions in the entire BPL. How do you see the team’s performance after losing in the semifinals?

Yasir: First of all, we are completely satisfied with our team. We are like a family, everyone trusts everyone. There was a spark to do the best in every player. We lost in the semifinals, but we took it easy because anything could happen in the middle of the game. 

If you notice, the opponent (Rajshahi Royals) couldn't win the match. But one over changed everything and they won in the end.

Despite fears of getting Chris Gayle, the Caribbean star eventually made his way for the Challengers

Q: Before the start of the BPL, there was confusion about getting Chris Gayle. What is your opinion about him? How important is he for the team? 

Yasir: Chris Gayle is called the ‘Universe Boss’. This particular name can be used as an answer here. When your team progresses toward the semifinals and the ‘Universe Boss’ started opening innings – you will surely become more confident about success. We were glad he showed outstanding performance as always.

Q: What were the plans for the team before the auction? 

Yasir: We have tried to form a balanced team and proceeded by targeting some players.   

Chittagong Challengers COO Syed Yasir Alam in auction with other officials

Q: How did you motivate the team players before every match? 

Yasir: I have a very friendly relationship with the players and I think that’s a very important aspect. They are international cricketers. Motivation comes from the heart. I have tried my best to make them feel comfortable everywhere. The team management did not say anything negative to them if they did not get the desired result in any match. We always tried to encourage them. I think they got the inspiration from here.

Q: Any advice for youths who want cricket as a profession? 

Yasir: I have never played professional cricket, but I would say it is a good choice as a profession. I specialize in team management. From that point of view, I can say that players achieve success only through hard work and patience. If a player works hard, he will surely find the path to success.