Alexa Chalan Beel swollen with mustard flowers

Dhaka, Monday   24 February 2020


Chalan Beel swollen with mustard flowers

 Gurdaspur (Natore) correspondent

 Published: 09:03 PM, 27 December 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Chalan Beel in Natore, the Biggest Beel of Asia, also one of the most famous beels in the country, has been decorated with the abundance of yellow mustard flowers in the winter. Where the two eyeballs go, only the yellow procession of mustard flowers is seen over the wide area including its Gurdaspur parts in the district.

It is learnt, that the beautiful view of nature fascinates anyone. People from different parts of the district come to see this eye- catching sight of the yellow-procession while farmers are busy with its care of the last moment. The yields are likely higher too.

On the other hand, the beekeepers did not forget to come. The honey bees are busy for collecting honey from the plentiful resources from these flowers of mustard like every year.

Not only this, nature lovers are traveling from different parts of the country to enjoy this wonderful view of mustard flowers.

Locals said, every day the number of tourists is increasing. People from the different parts of the country come to the place in monsoon to enjoy the wide water body and in the dry season there is a yellow procession of mustard flowers and wide-green scenery of boro paddy filed.

Tanisha Tanha, Moumita, Rahatara, Abta Hossain and Tumpa, who came to enjoy the beauty of the mustard flowers of Chalan Beel, said that they came once in the monsoon to see the beauty of the water. During the dry season, they come back after hearing about the beauty of mustard flowers in yellow procession.

 Gurdaspur UNO Tamal Hossain said that the Cahaln Beel attracts the tourists in various forms, with its ever-present variety and beauty throughout the year. If you do not see this unassuming view of the Chalan Beel, the immense beauty of the bill will remain untouched to you.”

Local MP of Gurdaspur and also the Natore district Awami League president, Professor Abdul Kuddus said, "We have brought revolutionary change in all things, including roads- communications, bridges in the Chalan Beel area" “The last wish of life is to set up a tourist zone in Chalan Beel; so that, the tourists traveling from far and wide can enjoy the beauty of the Beel in comforts by walk-in closet,” he also stated expressing his hope in this regard.