Chairman, elected three times, lives in a dilapidated house...

Dhaka, Friday   22 October 2021

Chairman, elected three times, lives in a dilapidated house

 Lakshmipur Correspondent

 Published: 04:44 PM, 13 September 2021   Updated: 04:44 PM, 13 September 2021



Bir Freedom Fighter Mofiz Ullah, the president of Lakshmipur Sadar Upazila Awami League for two terms and elected chairman of Dattapara Union Parishad (UP) of the upazila for three times, has been living with his family in a dilapidated house during his last stage of life. Being helpless, he wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The letter caught the eye of Lakshmipur district council chairman Md. Shahjahan and took the initiative to provide him a house as a gift from Prime Minister.

On Sunday (September 12) afternoon, Chairman Shahjahan visited the house of Bir Freedom Fighter Mofiz Ullah in Narsinghpur village of Dattapara UP and handed him over the design of the house. At that time, he was given Tk 25,000 for treatment.

The construction of his house will start in the next couple of days. Besides, the road in front of Mofiz Ullah’s house was also repaired, said Lakshmipur district council chairman Md. Shahjahan.

It is learned that Mofiz Ullah’s honesty, while he was the chairman, is still in the mouths of the people. Elected as chairman three times, he worked for the welfare of the people. He is now 78. Towards the end of his life, he is having a hard time and living in a dilapidated house.  

Mofiz Ullah has 3 sons and 4 daughters, but their financial condition is not so good. The Freedom Fighter is living with his wife with the allowance money. Although he has been suffering from various diseases in his old age, he could not afford to buy medicines. Later, he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister – which spread on Facebook.

“I have worked for the welfare of the people by holding the ideals of Bangabandhu while I was the UP chairman and Awami League. I am grateful to Bangabandhu’s daughter for the house and those who came to help me,” said Mofiz Ullah.

Lakshmipur district council chairman. Shahjahan said Mofiz Ullah is an example of an honest public representative. Despite being a longtime public representative, he is now living in a dilapidated house – which is very painful. He is being given a house as a gift from the Prime Minister so that he can live in a good house as long as he lives.