Cattle ranchers living in cowshed in fear of cow theft...

Dhaka, Sunday   20 June 2021

Cattle ranchers living in cowshed in fear of cow theft

 Pabna Correspondent

 Published: 05:30 PM, 3 May 2021  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The villagers of Charpara, a prosperous village on the banks of Bill Gyarka in Ataikula police station of Pabna’s Santhia upazila, are living a terrified life due to organized and armed cattle thieves.

To prevent the stealing, all the cattle ranchers of this village now spending the night in the cowshed. Many people sleep with a cow rope tied in their fists. Yet the theft of cows did not stop. According to the villagers, more than “50 cows have been stolen” in the last five months. 

Achea Khatun, wife of a cattle rancher named Ramzan Ali of the village, said her husband is mainly a van driver, but rearing cows for the welfare of the family. As their barn is cowshed, her husband has been sleeping there for a few days, in the meantime, he was injured by a cow.   

Another villager Korban Ali said he and his wife Rehana Khatun stayed up all night guarding the cows from cow thieves. “None of my grandparents have ever lived in a cowshed, but I have to stay due to the oppression of cow thieves,” he said. 

Abdul Mannan, a victim of cattle theft, said he bought a calf 3 years ago and nurtured it for three years. “The cow worth Tk 1.5 lakh was stolen last month due to being unconscious one day even after waking up at night, he added.

The cattle owners of Charpara village alleged they have no place to talk. They can’t complain even if they see or hear a cow thief as they carry “arms and weapons”. The general people can't deal with them. 

They said that if the people of the administration were by their side with sincerity, such misery would not have happened. This should not have happened if there was a “real police patrol” in this village. 

Pabna District Animal Resources Officer Al Mamun Hossain said it is sad that farmers cows are being stolen.  It is not only the loss of the farmer but also of the country.

Ataikula Police Station OC Jalal Uddin said he had just joined the police station. He will inquire. If necessary, police patrol will be given to prevent cattle theft.