Casino behind Dakshinkhan Triple Murder!

Dhaka, Thursday   09 April 2020


Casino behind Dakshinkhan Triple Murder!

 Salah Uddin Chowdhury

 Published: 03:33 PM, 18 February 2020   Updated: 07:47 PM, 18 February 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

BTCL Assistant Engineer Rakib Uddin has not yet been identified following the murder of his wife and two children in the home in the capital’s Dakshinkhan. Meanwhile, investigators are almost confirmed about the involvement of mentally retarded Rakibuddin after spending millions of money playing casinos online.

On the other hand, they are seriously investigating the involvement of the landlord (house owner) behind the incident.

According to sources related to the investigation, Rakib Uddin, a deputy assistant engineer of Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) Uttara office, has spent almost Tk crore on playing online casinos. Sources said, Rakib returned again a few days later when he went missing last December. His mobile phone was then at home. Many people called him to get money.

Only then, the relatives can know about this huge amount of debt. After asking him about these matters after rescuing him from Comilla's border area, he did not give him any answer. When the family members pressed him, he told that he was blackmailed by the landlord (Dolly Begum). Some words are also found in Rakib's notebook about the name of Dolly Begum. This information was available from the investigating sources of the case.

The bodies of his wife Munni Begum, 37, their son Forkan Uddin, 12 and daughter Liver, 40, were found in Rakib Uddin Bhuiya Liton’s 5th floor of a house in Prembagan area of ​​Dakshinkhan last Friday evening. , Rakib Uddin was missing since then. Munni's brother Munna Rahman filed a murder case at Dakshikhan police station on Saturday night.

The plaintiff's Munna Rahman said, however, that Rakib must be found anyway. Without him, the mystery of the murder will not open. The landlord also has some role to play in the incident. “We want the murderer to be arrested and brought under the law. Otherwise, we are in danger. If the murderer is Rakib, then he can attack us as well. Because he wanted to lend us money to repay the loan. However, he was angry with us for not paying the money. And because of this, he can also attack his relatives.

Nasir Uddin, the investigating officer of the case and inspector of Dakshinkhan police station, said no footage was found thereafter the CCTV camera was seized from the house. It appears the killer or his men have deleted footage of the CCTV camera as planned. The DVRT of the CCTV camera has been sent to the experts. An attempt is being made to recover the deleted video.

The owner of the house, Monowar Hossain, said that in January 2011, Rakib went to his house for rent. He had not heard of the family dispute in so many years. However, a few days ago, he heard about the debt of Rakib. He also had a conversation with Rakib on Wednesday.

RAB-1 director Lt. Col. Shafiullah Bulbul said that the last time Rakib was last seen on February 12 in the Dakshinkhan area. Since, he is missing. His phone is off too. Given the facts, relatives and relatives, it is clear that all three are victims of the murder. We are trying to identify the location of Rakib.