COVID-19 death toll now crosses 400,000...

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COVID-19 death toll now crosses 400,000

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 Published: 11:46 PM, 6 June 2020   Updated: 11:52 PM, 6 June 2020

COVID-19 death toll now crosses 400,000

COVID-19 death toll now crosses 400,000

The tally of the deaths form pandemic COVID-19 or coronavirus has crossed 400,000 globally, the international survey agency Worldometer reported the information in the latest update of data on Saturday night. 

According to the website, 400,024 people have died across the world from the deadly virus and 6,917,378 have infected while 3,385,255 have recovered.

The virus, which has spread from Wuhan of Hubei province, China, has so far spread to 213 countries and territories around the world.

The United States is the most affected nation by the deadly coronavirus. So far, 1,976,168 people have infected with the virus in the US. Of them, 111,658 have died while 739,724 have recovered.

The United Kingdom has the second-highest number of deaths from coronavirus. So far, 40,465 people have died of the virus in the UK while the number of infected is 284,868.

South American nation Brazil has the third-highest deaths and second-highest cases. So far, 651,980 people have infected with the virus in the country while 35,211 have died. So far, 302,084 people have recovered in the country.

Italy has the fourth-highest number of deaths. So far, 33,846 people died of the virus in Italy while 234,801 people have infected and 165,078 have recovered.

France remains in the 5th position in the case of deaths. The country has so far recorded 153,055 coronavirus cases while 29,111 people have died.

Spain remains in the 6th position in terms of death but fourth in terms of infection. The country has reported 27,135 deaths while 288,390 have infected.

In China, the origin of the coronavirus outbreak so far reported 83,030 cases with 3 fresh cases and 4,634 deaths.