Alexa CMH transplants bone marrow first time

Dhaka, Wednesday   19 February 2020


CMH transplants bone marrow first time

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 09:24 PM, 29 January 2020   Updated: 09:24 PM, 29 January 2020

Surgeons replaced pediatric bone marrow for the first time at Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka - ISPR

Surgeons replaced pediatric bone marrow for the first time at Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka - ISPR

Doctors in Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Dhaka recently have transplanted bone marrow of cancer affected child successfully for the first time in Bangladesh, said an ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) press release.

ISPR said ‘Neuroblastoma’ is a neurological cancer in children. The disease affects about 10 children per million every year worldwide. Those who are died of cancer, 15 percent are ‘Neuroblastoma’ affected. If every step of this treatment is done correctly, then chances of survival are increased by 50 percent.

The bone marrow transplant has been successfully completed for the first time at the Child Cancer Department at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka on November 26 last year in Bangladesh, under the supervision of Colonel Sharmin Ara Ferdousi (pediatric cancer pathologist).

A 10-year-old child named Saoda Akhter, daughter of Corporal Belal, 34-e Bengal first reported to the CMH Dhaka Division on January 31 last year. At first, the baby was admitted to the CMH with three months fever. Later, through various tests, doctors confirmed her 'Neuroblastoma stage-1' disease.

As part of the medical system, her tumor was removed first by operation, followed by chemotherapy and continuation of the patient's own bone marrow.

It is learnt, CMH pediatricians were involved with the treatment of the Child affected in ‘Neuroblastoma’ from the beginning to the bone marrow transplantation.  Each phase has been completed under the supervision of the skilled experts of Dhaka CMH, which is the first in Bangladesh.

The bone marrow transplantation work was started at Dhaka CMH as part of Prime Minister's commitment to deliver modern healthcare to the mass people. Bangladesh Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed also assisted in this regard. With the financial support of the Army Headquarters, AG's Branch (Welfare and Rehabilitation Department) and technical support of the General Directorate of Military Medical Services, the transplantation of adult patients Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant and Autologus Bone Marrow Transplant have been successfully conducted.

Subsequently, first-time Autologus has been implanted into a cancer victim child in Bangladesh. The organization hopes to provide treatment for other pediatric cancer diseases Hodgkins Lymphoma, Ewing Sarcoma) through Autologus Bone Marrow Transplant.

The institute plans to do a full cure for all Thalassemia patients under the supervision of pediatric oncologists soon.

As per Prime Minister's guidance, civilians can also avail the medical facilities at the BMT Center of Dhaka CMH.