Alexa Bulbul weakens gradually

Dhaka, Sunday   15 December 2019

Bulbul weakens gradually

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 Published: 03:08 AM, 10 November 2019   Updated: 07:03 AM, 10 November 2019

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Cyclone Bulbul hit the coast of the Sundarbans, but gradually being weakened. And like every time, the Sundarbans stands as the shield against the devastation of the cyclone.

Aisha Khanam, Deputy Director of the meteorological department, said the bulbul was crossing the coast after 9pm on Saturday. The more it will move to the locality, will become weaker, due to the Sundarbans.

Around 11pm, Ayesha Khanam told reporters that Bulbul was very strong in the northwest bay, which has beenweakened. The velocity of the air has been decreased. It will move further north and northeast of Bangladesh. 

She added that, it crossed the coast with the Sundarbans. At that time, the velocity was 100-120 kmph. Then it was in the form of a severe cyclone.
Due to the Bulbul, there was strong wind and heavy rains in the coastal areas. As a result, many areas of the country also receive rainfall. Beginning in the afternoon, tides and cyclones can cause waves of 5-7 feet higher than normal.

56 thousand of volunteers are prepared in 14 coastal districts. People from the risky areas were taken to the shelter.

Launch and ship movements have been halted on all internal waterways since Friday afternoon. All the activities of the seaports of the country were suspended. All vessels have been asked to stop the movement of the sea. All flights have been canceled at Shah Amanat Airport in Cox's Bazar and Chittagong.

Disaster weather with heavy storms will prevail across the country on Sunday. The weather department said the situation could be normal from Monday.