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Dhaka, Sunday   23 February 2020


Build house considering climate: PM

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 09:46 PM, 2 March 2019   Updated: 09:30 AM, 3 March 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that we need to build houses including the hospitals considering climate. Buildings should be set considering rain and sunshine.

The Prime Minister said this at the inauguration of four-day long 59th Convention of Engineers Institution-Bangladesh (IEB) on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Hasina has urged the engineers to take care not to damage agricultural land and reservoirs during construction of buildings. 

The Premier said 100 special economic zones are being made for rapid industrialization in the country. In these projects, we have to keep in mind that the agricultural land and dam is not damaged. Rivers and canals will have to save. The environment will be beautiful in it.

Sheikh Hasina said we want to modernize agriculture, want to mechanize it. So that educated people can be connected to agriculture through technology. There is also a need for research for this. 

She said, while going to build the highway, it should be considered that there will be water reservoirs. We will have to take development projects considering our natural condition.

During this time, the Prime Minister said we made Dhaka- Chittagong road four-lane to quick communication with the capital. We did double lane of the railway. There are plans for a network across the country in the Railways. We also planned meter gauges to broad gauges.

The head of the government said we are working according to the plan for the development of food, nutrition and life. We have a plan before doing any work. In the past five years, we have made the country self-sufficient in food.

Bringing the issue of BNP, Sheikh Hasina said that since 2001 we have lost power,  corruption, militancy and misrule has been established in the country. After seven years again we came to power. We made a road map of how to build the country by 2021. 

The Prime Minister said we planned for fifth year and 10-year. I announced in 2014, where we want to see the country in 2041. We put this issue in the election manifesto. In this way, we are moving ahead with a long-term plan.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh is going forward today Worldwide development is visible. Everyone is surprised at the development of Bangladesh. There is a political commitment to the people of the country, the commitment of the people to improve the quality of life. We are working on this goal.

She said we have given a program for development in each sector. We have increased the budget. The budget has increased seven times more than the BNP's tenure. Our engineers contribute to these advances. Sincerely engineers are working because we are successful.

In context, the four-day Convention of Engineers Institution-Bangladesh (IEB) will end on Tuesday through various programs and seminars.