Alexa Buddhists celebrate Buddha Purnima tomorrow

Dhaka, Wednesday   23 October 2019


Buddhists celebrate Buddha Purnima tomorrow

 Staff Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 02:58 PM, 28 April 2018  

Members of the Buddhist community will celebrate their most sacred festival Buddha Purnima in the city as elsewhere in the district on Sunday with solemn devotion and traditional enthusiasm.

Reverentially, the most important day for the followers of Buddhism commemorates three important events;- Lord Buddha`s birth enlightenment and also his attainment of the highest spiritual goal, `Nirvana` in Bodh Gaya and `Parinirvana` (or "final cessation") in Kushinagara of India.

As the name itself suggests, Buddha Purnima is celebrated in a bright full moon in the Vaisakh month, a time especially suited for introspection, charity and puja.

This day is a thrice blessed day. Gautam Buddha "lived and died in the fifth century before the Christian era".

Buddha means "enlightened one" - someone who is completely free from all faults and mental obstructions.

Besides, decorating the monasteries with colourful Buddhist flags, the morning prayer, colourful peace procession of the monks, worship with large offerings, blood donation and religious discussions are the highlights of the day.

In addition to prayers, sermons and non-stop recitations of Buddhist scriptures, the Buddhists also after bath and clad in white clothes will offer incense, flowers, candles and fruits to the statue of Lord Buddha.

They will spend the day by listening to the discourses on the life and teachings of the Buddha.

The day`s programmes will herald with the hoisting of the national and religious flags atop of all monasteries in the dawn and chanting of the sacred verses from the Tripitaka.

In the city, the colourful peace procession under the auspices of Bangladesh Buddhists Association will be brought out from city`s Nandankanan Buddhist temple.

In the city, main religious congregations will be held at Nandankanon Buddhist temple, Katalganj Nabapandit Vihar, Purnachar International Buddhists Monastery at Devpahar, Mughaltooli Shakyamuni Shoswan Vihar at Agrabad and Sarbajanin Bouddha Vihar at Momin Road.

Local dailies will publish articles while Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television, Chittagong centres will air special programmes highlighting the importance of the festival.

A good number of periodicals of the community like Amitabh, Sombodhi, Krishti, Bodhibarta and Arya will publish special supplements.

Besides, special prayers seeking continued peace and progress of the nation as well as global peace will also be offered in all monasteries.