Alexa Bubly sustain injury during shooting

Dhaka, Monday   24 February 2020


Bubly sustain injury during shooting

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 Published: 07:37 PM, 3 March 2019  

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File Photo

Actress Shabnam Yasmin Bubly has fallen in a big accident during shooting. During photo shooting of 'password' movie, she fell down on the ground after stumbling her feet in the power cable. But the accident wasn't serious.

Bubly injured her hands and legs in the accident. But due to electrocuted, there were fears of more major accidents.

In connection with the accident, Bubly said there was a scene from the dining room to the kitchen. At that time, the electric cable kept on the floor was attached to her feet. I could not cope myself and fell down on the floor.
Photo director Malik Afsari Janan, She was injured on Saturday during the shooting of the film. The doctor came to the shooting spot and given her first aid. Bubly's hands and legs were hit badly during the accident. That's why we stopped her shooting. But Bubly went to rest after finishing her work. 

He also said that Bubly gave the shot three times in a row for the scene. The desired shot is available for the third time. We are amazed to see such bubbly interest in true work. Today she has been rested.

In fact, Shakib Khan is the hero of director Malik Afsari's 'passwords' film against Shabnam Bubly.