Brutal murder story of Junko, who raped about 500 times in 44 day...

Dhaka, Tuesday   14 July 2020

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Brutal murder story of Junko, who raped about 500 times in 44 day

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 Published: 05:45 PM, 2 June 2020   Updated: 05:49 PM, 2 June 2020

Junko Furuta

Junko Furuta

We know many love stories in the world which built on some failures and some achievements. It is normal for a man to like another woman. But that does not mean she should like him. This can also happen as vice versa, i.e., a woman can like a man but that does not mean he needs to like her. It’s everyone’s choice. No one can force others about this.

But today our report is made with the story of a woman whose tragic death still brings tears to people’s eyes. She was subjected to inhuman torture only for rejecting the proposal of love.

About three decades ago from today – there was a girl named Junko Furuta at Saitama Yashio-Minami High School in Japan. Like other children of the same age, Furuta’s eyes were full of dreams that one day she will make the world for a better place for living. At one time, the girl set foot at the age of 18.

Junko Furuta attended a high school in Mistore, Saitama prefecture, Japan. She was very beautiful. She did not smoke or drink alcohol and did not take drugs like other students of her time. On the contrary, she did not pay attention to those who did these things.

One of them was Hiroshi Miyano who liked her and told her about his love interest. However, Junko rejected Hiroshi’s proposal directly. But this rejection made Hiroshi angry and decided to take revenge on her. 

On November 25, 1988, Junko was abducted by four teenagers, including Hiroshi. They took Junko to a house owned by the parents of one of the abductors in Adachi, Tokyo. The kidnappers forced Junko to call her parents to say “she would be with some friends for a while and she was in no danger.”

Then began the inhuman torture on Junko. The torture was so terrible that no sane person could ever think of such moral degradation. Even no writer could not think of such a bitter story. Some people can only see these in nightmares, in deep nightmares.

Junko Furuta, four accused, and the house where Junko faced the most horrible torture

Junko was detained for 44 days and subjected to inhumane torture. She was kept naked all the time and in these 44 days, she was raped more than 500 times by more than 100 people.

Every day she was tortured in various ways beyond imagination. She was beaten daily and stuffed bottles, scissors, and irons into genitals. They forced her to eat cockroaches and drank her urine. Even various parts of her body were burnt. Her breasts were also cut off.

She was also used as a hanging boxing bag. She was left in the fridge for hours. Her eyeballs, genitals, and clitoris were burnt with lighter. Numerous holes were made in the body with needles.

Junko could not breathe due to a blood clot in her nose. Her stomach could not digest food due to various internal bleeding, resulting in vomiting. She was even beaten more for dirtying the carpet. 

20 days after the abduction, Junko got a chance to call the police but caught. Then her legs were completely burned with fire. From then on, she could not walk. She could not even move her hand as her bones were broken and nails were removed. After 30 days, Junko stopped urinating and could not hear anything due to ear damage. At one point, Junko begged the kidnappers “to kill her” as she could not bear the torture.

Junko died on the 44th day. Even after this brutal murder, no one was convicted to life imprisonment or death – “because they were all under 18”.