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Dhaka, Thursday 24 Jan, 2019

Brickfield careers wreck village street

Jashore CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo DailyBangladesh

Rural roads across the Jhikargachha Upazila under Jashore district are becoming inaccessible due to the brick careers of the local brick fields. It is also threatening the environment by creating huge black smoke from those vehicles and burning soil from the fertile land.

It has is found in the area that most of the brick fields of the district have been built without maintaining rules of the environment department. These brick fields have been built beside the roads, educational institutions, crop fields and roads of LGED.

Each brick field has at least, 50 different types of vehicles. There have been allegations that these vehicles do not have fitness on one hand, while drivers are inefficient. As a result, the people of the area are afraid of accident as well as the destruction of the communication system.

Brick careers have occupied all the roads in the Upazila including ​​Balla-Ulashi, Siordaho-Gadakhali, Siordaho-Dighari, Bankra-Harikhali, Bankra-Baghachra, Beneali-Shimulia, Bodhakhana-Madhukhali, Baysa-Navaran and ​​Jhikargachha-Chotipur roads. For this, dust is covered in dry season and during the rainy season, these concrete roads become muddy.

Rehna Khatun, a housewife of Bola village in the upazila, said that for the brickfield truck, it seems that we go away from the houses near the road.

Harun or Rashid, a teacher of Baysa Chadpur Dakhil Madrasa said that due to the traffic of brickfield, it is difficult to move on the roads. He also said that drivers of these vehicles are inefficient and rude.

Zaid Ali of Nandidumuria village said, due to the brick field, the crop land is being reduced. Every year the number of the brick filed is increasing burning fertile lands.

Upazila Engineer Shyamal Kumar Basu complained that due to the brick field, all rural roads in the upazila have become inaccessible. Roads are being cut across as they wish for lift-out vehicles.

Road is ruined before it expires. It cannot be kept normal after the reforms. According to UNO Zahidul Islam “No activity will be allowed to make public sufferings. Mobile court proceedings had been closed for some time due to the election. The missions will be run again within one or two days. Of course, brickfields owners have to work abided by the law.”


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