Brazil president tested for COVID-19 after showing symptoms...

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Brazil president tested for COVID-19 after showing symptoms

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 Published: 11:10 AM, 7 July 2020  

Brazil`s President Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil`s President Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has been tested again for COVID-19 after showing symptoms of the virus including a fever.

Bolsonaro on Monday said that an exam showed his lungs are “clean” and that he would test for the coronavirus again. “But everything is fine,” he told supporters as he arrived at the presidential palace, according to a video broadcast on a YouTube channel.

The presidential office confirmed Bolsonaro was tested Monday night at a Brasilia hospital and said results would be available on Tuesday. The president is currently in good health condition, according to a statement.

According to the CNN report, Bolsonaro had a light fever and is taking hydroxychloroquine, a medication he has been touting to combat the coronavirus but that so far has unproven efficacy against it.

Bolsonaro could be seen coughing during a Thursday broadcast on his social networks when he sat next to six other people, none of whom wore a mask. Since then, he has mingled with members of his administration and the general public and had lunch with the US ambassador to Brazil on Saturday. 

It is not the first time Bolsonaro has been tested for Covid-19. In March, after multiple members of his delegation to a US visit contracted the virus, he said he tested negative. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has disobeyed several recommendations from the World Health Organization and experts to avoid contamination by the coronavirus, such as avoiding crowds, wearing face masks and maintaining social distance. 

On June 25, he said during a Facebook live event that he thought he had already contracted the virus.

As of Tuesday morning, Brazil had 65,556 confirmed deaths from the virus and 1,626,071 total cases.