Both whales are male, suicide wasn`t proven...

Dhaka, Sunday   16 May 2021

Both whales are male, suicide wasn`t proven

 HM Faridul Alam Shaheen, Cox`s Bazar

 Published: 09:14 PM, 21 April 2021  

Both whales are male, suicide wasn`t proven

Both whales are male, suicide wasn`t proven

The two dead whales that were found floating in the sand dunes adjacent to Himchhari and Darianagar beaches in Cox's Bazar are male. It is not proven yet whether they committed suicide or not. The Department of Livestock, the Department of Forest and Environment, and the Marine Fisheries Research Institute have collected samples for further investigation.

Ashraful Haque, a scientific officer at the Marine Fisheries Research Institute, said both the whales were males. They could die in a collision with a large ship in the deep Bay of Bengal. Due to the high tide of the sea, two whales came to Himchhari and Darianagar points of Cox's Bazar beach over two days. The issue of suicide here has not been proven yet.

Concerned scientific officials and experts believe that whales, sharks and dolphins move in certain zones in the deep sea.

On April 9 and 10, two whales were washed up on Himchhari and Darianagar beaches on Marine Drive Road. The weight of the two whales was 10 and 12 tons respectively. It was 42-45 feet long and 24-25 feet wide. Department of Fisheries and Livestock thought - The age of the two whales is approximately 15-20 years. They are species of 'Brides Wheel' or 'Bolin'.

The whale that washed up on Cox`s Bazar beach

Shafiqur Rahman, chief scientific officer of the Marine Fisheries Research Institute, said the inquest report identified two whales floating on the beach as male. After floating on the coast, a bad smell was coming from their bodies. For this reason, after making the inquest report, the two animals were buried in the sand dunes.

He added that after 3-6 months when the muscles are mixed with the soil, the skeletons of the two whales will be dragged out and stored for research at Dulahazara Bangabandhu Safari Park in Cox's Bazar.

Asked if the two whales could commit suicide, Shafiqur Rahman said yes. However, if another whale were to commit suicide for a dead whale, it would be possible to identify it half-dead from the seashore or from a ship. Suicide has not yet been proven in the case of these two whales.

Earlier, in 1996 and 2008, two huge whales had washed up on Cox's Bazar beach. At that time there was no inquest report or autopsy of the two whales. Environmentalists are hopeful that an autopsy will reveal the mystery of the two whales' deaths.