Alexa `Bombs Cyclone` storm headed toward US

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`Bombs Cyclone` storm headed toward US

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 Published: 12:27 PM, 4 January 2018   Updated: 12:29 PM, 4 January 2018

At least 11 people have died in the last two days due to severe snowfall and cold wave in the United States. There is also a strong `Bombs Cyclone` coming forward on the eastern coast of the country, warned The National Weather Service (NWS).

Crowds of the people of this particular winter storm are now in a panic. This is expected to make snowfall and cold wave more intense.

These incidents have taken place in these areas in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Missouri and Texas. The vast area of the United States is now covered with ice.

The normal living conditions of the people are almost stagnant. Even in the south-eastern United States of America, the snowfall did not occur in many years, but there was snowfall in this year. In recent reports said that it will cover those areas in a couple of days.

In New York City and its adjacent areas, the temperature dropped below zero degrees since Christmas. There is no possibility to improve the situation yet. The weather office said the situation will get worse in the next few days. 

A flurry winter storm coming forward towards to the east coast of the country. It`s like `the scourge of the dead` between the snowfall and the intense cold wave. In social media, it is called `Cyclone Bombs`. It`s a kind of winter hurricane. This `Cyclone Bombs` can hit the north-east coast on Wednesday or Thursday only.

Emergency status has been issued in many places including the Georgia State. People have been advised not to leave the house. In Florida, despite the fact that there was not a significant snowfall since 1989, but it has been disrupted.

In all, schools and colleges and offices in Florida have been closed in many areas including Florida. Bombs are warning that the condition will be further deteriorated due to the cyclone. Due to this, some places are expected to cover up to 6 to 12 inches of snow.