Bluewater cannot enter Shah Bukhari’s shrine

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Bluewater cannot enter Shah Bukhari’s shrine

 Salahuddin Ahmed

 Published: 11:50 PM, 8 October 2019   Updated: 11:52 PM, 8 October 2019

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Think a little, a shrine is surrounded by sea in its every part. It seems to surprise like a fairytale. But in reality this place exists. This is one of the most wonderful shrines in the world is called ‘Haji Ali Shah Bukhari Shrine’. Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque also. This mosque is famous among people for two different reasons. The first reason is that the place is located in the middle of the sea and is connected to the land by a pathway. The other reason is the religious power of this place. Many miracle stories are linked with this mosque and it is said that those who pray here get their wishes fulfilled. Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari's tomb is located inside the monument.


The mosque is linked with the land by a small pathway leading to Mahalakshmi, South Mumbai in India. It is beside 500 meters away from the coast of the Arabian Sea. The pathway is one kilometer long and people have to walk the distance. The walk on the pathway guarded with railings on both side is an important tourist place.

History of Haji Ali Dargah

Before coming to Mumbai, Haji Ali Shah was a trader in Uzbekistan. It is said that one day while he returned to salat seeing a woman on the street who was crying. He approached the woman and asked her why she was crying. The woman replied that as she returned home to buy the oil, the oil bottle had fallen on the way and the bottle oil had absorbed the soil. If her husband knows this, he would beat her. Ali Shah became hurt by the woman's tears. Then he inserted one of his fingers into the ground, the oil splashed through the ground. The woman returned home happily after refilling her bottle of oil.

But from then Ali Shah started feeling bad even though he had already helped the woman but he felt bad that he had hit the ground by inserting his finger. From then, he started to have nightmares and became ill. He then traveled to India with his brother, with the permission of his mother, and eventually arrived at the Worli in Mumbai or somewhere opposite his present tomb.

One day his brother returned to Uzbekistan. But Ali Shah stayed In Mumbai. He wrote a letter to his brother telling his mother that he is not well. For this he had decided to preach in Islam from Mumbai and as if his mother could forgive him.

Muslim merchant, Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari gave up all his wealth and possessions and took a pilgrimage to Mecca. He traveled from Uzbekistan and reached Mumbai by mid of 15th century. Until his death, he spread and preached Islam to people around him. He requested his followers not to bury him after his death but throw him into ocean. He asked people to bury his body where it reaches the shore. The body perched on a small rock in the middle of the sea and the tomb was built in the place of the rock. The current structure was built in 1916. The original structure was built in 15th century.

Best time to visit the Dargah

There is no entrance fee. The mosque and the tomb are open throughout the week and throughout the year. The best time to visit is on Thursdays and Fridays. You can find many rituals these days. Numerous pilgrims visit the place during these two days. The worst time to visit is the rainy season. With heavy rains, the pathway leading to the mosque submerge and it becomes impossible to reach the mosque. The mosque is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Why Haji Ali Dargah is famous?

The sight of the mosque on a small islet from the shore attracts many photographers. The mosque is 500m away from the shore. It is an excellent icon of the Indo-Islamic architectural style. Once tourist reaches the entrance, they can find marble courtyard and a cover sheet made with red and green color. The main hall contains the shrine. Tourists can find majestic marble pillars with mirror works arranged in an interesting Arabic pattern. Visitors can find 99 names of Allah in the pillars. There is a separate praying hall for men and women. Visitors can enjoy Sufi music events every Friday and during religious festivals.

Haji Ali Shah’s death anniversary is being celebrated every year. It was banned for women to enter the Dargha. However, the ban was lifted from November in 2016. Bollywood's 'Fiza' movie 'Pia Haji Ali' song was shot here. The most interesting subject that Dargha was never hampered from any natural disaster though it is situated in the mid of sea. In 1949, a huge cyclone was hampered the Mumbai City. But the Dargha did not hamper a little. It is very surprising to many scientists. Still now water cannot enter into the Dargha. However, everyone can be satisfied and feeling peace by visiting the holy place.