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Blind-deaf travels 130 countries

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 Published: 08:37 PM, 21 September 2019  

Tony Giles

Tony Giles

The willpower of a man makes him more confident. The real example of it is Tony Giles, a British citizen. Though being blind as well as deaf, he traveled to 130 countries because of his willpower. It is not finished here, the blind-deaf tourist dreams of visiting all the countries of the world. This physical barrier did not take him away from the addiction to travel.

But how does a person who cannot see and cannot hear — travels in so many countries? Naturally, such a question raises everyone’s mind. And Tony Giles himself answered this question.

“I listen to people, get up in the mountains, everything I feel through my touch and my feet. That is how I see a country,” he said.

Giles has traveled around many countries in the last 20 years. And during this time he met a Greek woman. She is also blind and now a girlfriend of Giles. He traveled to Russia with his girlfriend last year. They traveled by train from one part to the other of the world’s biggest country.

Giles’ travel money comes from his father’s pension. Because of this, he has to plan the trip in advance. The man told to the BBC that his mother helped him to get his plane ticket. Because most airlines do not have enough facilities for the blind.
Giles also talked about those who helped him stay in a country. Regarding this, he said, “I could not decide where I would go to a country by looking at a book or travel guide. I need to know the information before traveling. So I plan my trip in advance.”


Besides, eating local food from all regions is also one of his travel goals. Giles has been to many sights and taken pictures of many places. Giles may not enjoy those pictures himself, but visitors of his website can find out about the world by looking at those pictures.

Many times people are surprised to see his travel addiction. But they do not know that even a blind person can enjoy the smell of the earth if he has a mind’s eye. Giles has the eye of his mind with which he wants to explore the entire world.