Alexa Blackout forced 4m Venezuelan to leave country

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Blackout forced 4m Venezuelan to leave country

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 Published: 07:15 PM, 23 July 2019  

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More than 23 states of South American country Venezuela have experienced blackouts again on Monday. The government has blamed the electromagnet attack on the incident. BBC reported around 4 million citizens have left the country for this five months crisis.

Electricity experts say Venezuela's national power grid is unable to supply enough electricity during a long period due to mismanagement.

Earlier, the blackout of 7th march weakened Venezuela for the first time. The crisis continued throughout most of the country for almost a week. The irregular power supply started and another blackout occurred on March 25. The water crisis associated with blackout puts the country in extreme misery.

This is the first time Caracas has been affected in a blackout since March. Venezuelan political leader Nicola Maduro has blamed the opposition and the United States for the series blackout. This crisis of electricity is affecting the socio-economic situation of the entire country. Inflation has started.

Venezuela's Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said, “The magnetic attack caused the disaster. But he did not provide any evidence in favor of the claim.” He said that the authorities were working to restart the electricity service.

According to the Reuters report, a power connection was opened for ten minutes in the southeastern part of the Bolivar state and the Guri hydroelectric dam. However, after a few moments, another blackout plunged Caracas into darkness.

The fourth-largest hydroelectric project in the world called 'Guri Hydroelectric Plant' is located in Puerto Ordaz. Around 40% of all Venezuelan electricity is supplied by the project.

The reservoirs of the area have been drying up recently. The water level is lying down a lot. At present, the water level has dropped below two meters. In this situation, the generators of the project are also being shut down to avoid damage to the turbine. As a result, power generation is halting. The country is drowning in the dark. 

Maria Luisa Rivero, a businessman from Valencia said, "It is threatening to us that the power crisis is happening again at the national level. After hearing about the blackout, I stored food in the refrigerator. A lot of food was wasted in March, but this time I didn't want it to happen.”

Venezuela's economy, which is at the peak of high inflation, is also unable to provide enough food and medicine to the country. The government has ordered the closure of major markets in the country from seven in the evening due to power shortages. This disadvantage of electricity is affecting the socio-economic situation of the entire country. It is estimated that about four million people have left Venezuela having no way.