Black Fungus: Another infection spreads death panic amid COVID...

Dhaka, Sunday   20 June 2021

Black Fungus: Another infection spreads death panic amid COVID

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 Published: 08:08 PM, 8 May 2021   Updated: 08:09 PM, 8 May 2021

Indian doctors warned if any person Black Fungus Infection, it can create a risk of “rapid death”; Photo: Collected

Indian doctors warned if any person Black Fungus Infection, it can create a risk of “rapid death”; Photo: Collected

“Black Fungus Infection” is on the rise in various countries amid the coronavirus pandemic. This infection has been on the rise in India recently. Doctors there say the black fungus infection has created “new concerns” amid a massive rise in the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to Indian media, citing doctors, many people were “hospitalized” even after recovering from the Covid-19 after being infected with the deadly fungus and the number of such patients is “increasing” day by day.

Doctors have warned that if the person is infected with the Black Fungus Infection, it can create a risk of “rapid death” as the Covid-19 patients have low immunity. To tackle this situation, the Indian government has reportedly allowed one of its companies to develop anti-fungal drugs.

Experts say such problems could create new crises amid the post-COVID period. These are referred to as “post- COVID or long COVID complications”.

Why Black Fungus occurs?

Mushtaq Hossain, a public health expert in Bangladesh, says the use of extra steroids in the treatment of coronavirus can lead to later “Mucormycosis” or similar black fungal infections.

He said the doctor can give all the necessary medicines considering the condition of the patient. But it needs more careful observation. It is also important to look at what kind of medicine the World Health Organization (WHO) has prescribed. The advice of scientists should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, such fungal infections are likely to become a major problem in the future.

Mushtaq Hossain added that the patients who are going to the ICU often have to take steroids, or even before that the doctor may feel the need to use it. “But the problem is that this steroid can later cause fungal infections. So, there is no alternative to caution in these matters,” he said

Citing Indian doctors, the media there also say that patients in ICUs are more likely to have problems with Mucormycosis or Black Fungus Infection. Coronavirus sufferers, especially those with diabetes, cancer or heart disease, are at higher risk of infection.

What exactly is Black Fungus Infection?

Public health expert and physician Lelin Chowdhury said there can be many types of infections in the human body and these can be from bacteria, viruses or fungi. “Bacteria, viruses and fungi in the body start these infections when the immune system is weakened and that is why such a tendency may be more prevalent after COVID.” 

“There is no end to the symptoms and effects of Covid-19,” he also said, mentioning that “everything except pregnancy and fractures can be a symptom of coronavirus.” 

“From mental illness to heart or brain - nothing is beyond that. Again, the problem related to post-COVID is now called long COVID or long-term COVID. In other words, even if the coronavirus is cured, many new problems can occur. Fungal infections are one of them,” said Lelin Chowdhury.

This physician informed black fungus infection can occur in various parts of the body including blood, skin, mouth, nails and it is usually possible to detect through a blood test.

What are the symptoms, who are more likely to be infected? 

Both Mushtaq Hossain and Lelin Chowdhury think “those who infected with the coronavirus or those with low immunity” – are at greater risk of contracting such an infection.

Regarding the symptoms of black fungus infection, many Indian doctors say that they have a number of symptoms including “burning eyes, stuffy nose, fever and loss of vision.”

The fungus attacks the lungs easily because the lungs become weak in patients with coronavirus. Then it spreads slowly throughout the body, causing the patient to die. 

Indian media reports that many such patients have been detected in Gujarat and Delhi in recent times.

Nasal congestion, swelling of the eyes or cheeks may be the first signs of the Black Fungus Infection. Besides, Indian doctors have advised starting a “biopsy” or examination immediately if anything black comes out of the nose.

Lelin Chowdhury thinks it is possible to reduce the risk by detecting the fungus infection quickly and applying the medicine. “There are enough medicines required for the treatment of this disease in Bangladesh. So, without worrying about it, if there is any kind of post-COVID complication, you should consult a doctor immediately,” he said.

Source: BBC Bangla