Bitter gourd brings smile to Arial Beel farmers...

Dhaka, Wednesday   21 April 2021

Bitter gourd brings smile to Arial Beel farmers

 Musnshiganj Correspondent

 Published: 04:23 PM, 27 February 2021  

Bitter gourd brings smile to Arial Beel farmers

Bitter gourd brings smile to Arial Beel farmers

Favorable weather and proper care have brought bumper yields of vegetables including bitter gourd at  Arial Beel in Munshiganj this season. The fame of Arial Beel's bitter gourd is spreading all over the country. Bitter Gourd is cultivated in the high lands of the beel every year. At the end of the winter season, bitter gourd harvesting is going on now. At the same time, these bitter gourds are being sold in the local markets.

Bitter Gourd is cultivated more in Siddhi, Gadighat, Selamati, and Mattagram areas of Arial Beel. Farmers are happy with the good yield of Bitter Gourd this year. It has been seen on the spot that the farmers are harvesting bitter gourd all day long. After that, they are sending them to various wholesale markets of the country including the capital's Kawran Bazar.

Bitter gourd brings smile to Arial Beel farmers

Farmers Mohammad Hakim and Fazal Bepari said they cultivate bitter gourd every year. A few days ago, the price of bitter gourd was low, but now it is being sold at Tk 25-30 per kg. Besides, buyers from Kawran Bazar, Savar, Shyambazar, Jatrabari, and other wholesale markets of the capital are coming every day.

Srinagar wholesale vegetable seller Tulu said he buys about 15-20 maunds of bitter gourd every day at Tk 25-30 per kg. Later he sold it at Tk35-40 per kg. Due to huge demand, the farmers of Arial Beel are struggling to supply bitter gourd.

Visiting Srinagar and Bhagyakul markets, it was seen that the retailers were selling bitter gourds at Tk 45-50 per kg. Due to insufficient supply, the price of bitter gourd is a bit high. Prices are expected to rise further.