Alexa Birthday means another step to death: Babita

Dhaka, Monday   23 September 2019


Happy Birthday Babita

Birthday means another step to death: Babita

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 03:30 PM, 30 July 2019  



Farida Akhtar Popi, popularly known as Babita, a teenager appeared in the East Pakistan films in the late 60s. She has been acting in numerous films for almost three decades. She was honored to receive the first Best Actress Award at the National Film Awards of Independent Bangladesh. As a result, Babita is one of the brightest stars in Bangladeshi films. Her character as a heroine was remarkable. And she showed equal skill in acting, glamour, screen personalities and dance. Today is the birthday of this legendary actress.

Babita has no special plans for this year’s birthday. The actress said, “As a Muslim, I believe that we have come to this world for a certain period. As we born, we have to face death as well. Almighty Allah decided the time of our death. So a new birthday means going another step forward to death. Age is decreasing. So, there are not many things to do in this day. But it doesn’t mean that the day can't be celebrated. It can be celebrated in a limited way.”

Anik, the only son of Bobita lives in Canada. Her birthday begins taking with her only son Anik. “Anik says you are the best mother in the world. In fact, to all children, his/her mother is the best mother in the world. I understand how much Anik loves, feels, and respects me,” she said. 

For the past several years, Babita has been a Goodwill Ambassador of ‘Distress Children’s Infant International’ which stands beside vulnerable underprivileged children. Immediately after last Eid, she and her two sisters Suchanda and Champa celebrated Eid, especially with those deprived children. The talented actress is now having a very busy time with her personal work.

Babita made her film debut in the 60s when she was in class six through the ‘Sansar’ film directed by Zaheer Raihan. In that film, she played the role of Abdur Rajjak and Suchanda’s daughter. Although the film did not release at that time, Babita was praised in the international arena through her work in Satyajit Ray’s film ‘Ashani Sanket’.

She has received numerous honors at home and abroad in recognition for her work. She won the National Film Award for three years in a row. She got lifetime honor at the National Film Awards in 2016.

Babita has numerous commercially successful films- ‘Ashani Sanket’, ‘Nishan’, ‘Montu Amar Naam’, ‘Pratigga’, ‘Love In Singapore’, ‘Mayer Jonno Pagol’, ‘Taka Ana Pai’, ‘Swarolipi’, ‘Tinkanya’, ‘Shashurbari’, ‘Miss Lanka’, ‘Jibon Songsar’, ‘Laili Majnu’, ‘Golapi Ekhon Traine’, ‘Lathiyal’, ‘Jhonmo Theke Jolchi’ etc.