‘Biofloc’ fish farming gains popularity in Bhairab...

Dhaka, Saturday   31 October 2020

‘Biofloc’ fish farming gains popularity in Bhairab

 Md. Al Amin Titu, Bhairab daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 11:32 AM, 1 September 2020   Updated: 01:58 PM, 1 September 2020

‘Biofloc’ farming can be applied in the backyard of the house

‘Biofloc’ farming can be applied in the backyard of the house

The most advanced fish farming technology ‘Biofloc’ is getting popularity in Bhairab, Kishoreganj. Unemployed youths are becoming more and more interested as it is possible to make more profit by working less with a lower production cost in limited space. 

The new fish farming technique ‘Biofloc’ can be applied in the backyard of the house. As a result, the youth have become more interested in biofloc method of fish farming than traditional fish farming in ponds. Biofloc fish farming is increasing in different villages of the upazila including Shibpur, Shambhupur, and Krishnanagar.

Reportedly, Raihan from Shambhupur village in Bhairab was inspired by YouTube to cultivate Tilapia in a small plastic tank. Later, he built 4 tanks with a capacity of 7,000 liters of water in his backyard at a cost of Tk 1.5 lakh. Later he started cultivating Tilapia, Shing, Magur, Gulsha, and Pabda fish in these tanks. Excluding expenses, Raihan gets a profit of Tk 3 lakh in eight months.

Many became interested after seeing his success. After that, at least 50 youths of the area have started biofloc fish farming with the advice and instruction of Raihan and the Upazila Fisheries Officer.

Biofloc method does not require much food for fish farming. Initially, fishes consume 25 percent of the food that is given to them. And 75 percent of the waste turned into flags through bacteria. Later fishes consume it as their food again. As a result, the cost of fish farming in this method is getting lower than in ponds.

According to the locals, following Raihan, biofloc fish farming is on the rise in different areas. As a result, fish farming in this method is becoming popular day by day.

Bhairab Upazila Fisheries Officer Latifur Rahman said the amount of land in Bhairab is usually very low. Therefore, advanced fish farming technology will meet the demand for fish in such areas. It will also help unemployed youth to become employed or self-reliant.

He added that this method does not require more space for fish farming. With very few capital and less space, it is possible to make more profit. Therefore, the Fisheries Office will extend all kinds of cooperation to those who will come forward with this method of fish farming.