Alexa Biman plane makes emergency landing over `hijack attempt`

Dhaka, Monday   24 February 2020


Biman plane makes emergency landing over `hijack attempt`

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 Published: 07:00 PM, 24 February 2019   Updated: 08:55 PM, 24 February 2019

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File Photo

A Biman Bangladesh passenger plane (BG 147) bound for Dubai was forced to land shortly after unnamed men on the flight ordered it to land at Shah Amanat Airport in Chattogram. Law enforcers surrounded the plane. 

It is known that a suspected armed pilot has been held hostage inside the aircraft.

After landing, all passengers of the flight were let down and the plane is in the runway. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the incident.

Police and other law enforcement have been refusing to confirm or deny that it was a case of hijacking and have been terming it an untoward incident.

Civil Aviation Secretary Mohibul Haque said a cabin crew member raised alarm finding the behavior of a passenger suspicious. The member the pilots of the matter. The pilot made the emergency landing. All passengers were evacuated from the aircraft. Only the suspect and a cabin crew member are onboard. Commando units have surrounded the aircraft.

A passenger of the plane said that a passenger has firearms inside the aircraft. He is foreigner. A gunshot sound was heard inside. It is also thought that someone could be injured in it. He also said a cabin crew first informed the matter to the pilot after being suspect. The pilot decides to land the aircraft without taking any risk thinking the safety of the passangers.

There were 147 passengers on the board. Although the captain and most of the passengers were able to safely get off, some passangers and a cabin crew were hostage. One remain inside the plane with bullet injury. The armedman himself is staying inside.