Alexa Billionaire by selling tickets at black market

Dhaka, Sunday   17 November 2019


Dinajpur Railway Station

Billionaire by selling tickets at black market

 Sultan Mahmud, Dinajpur

 Published: 12:46 PM, 7 November 2019   Updated: 03:05 PM, 12 November 2019



Milon Chowdhury who was formerly known as Hawker Milon in the Dinajpur railway station area has become a billionaire overnight selling train tickets in the black market. Another hawker Alam who is now known as Minister Alam has also accumulated huge properties by the same means. Once the duo used to sell newspapers in the station area.

Zashim worked as a hawker at the station for more than five years. He said, “Many hawkers have become billionaires before my eyes just for doing the black marketing train tickets. Among them, fast food shopkeeper on the platform Sujon and porter head Rustom are also included. At present, the black marketing of tickets of the Dinajpur railway is under their control. Under the leadership of Alam, they are controlling the black market of tickets.” 

“No ticket is ever available at the counter,” said a passenger named Mahmudul Hasan. He contacts a man named Anis if he needs a ticket. He is the one who arranges the ticket at a slightly higher price. The train tickets for Dhaka are also available at a flexiload shop in front of the railway station, he added. 

“We are bound to buy the tickets in this way. What do we do until this is not overcome? Occasionally one or two black marketers are being arrested but they generally come out on bail two or four days later. Then they again start selling the tickets in the black market” he added.

While investigating on Monday it was found that the station’s information center had been remaining closed since morning. Suddenly, it resumes activities soon after the train arrives. But not for passenger service; some black marketers open it for their trades.

It is alleged that the syndicate is linked to some of the railway officials, railway labor leaders, railway police and some local wicked youths. From Dinajpur, the cycle controls the tickets of Chirirbandar, Parbatipur, Dinajpur and Panchagarh railway stations.

Though there is no availability of tickets at the counter for three inter-city trains to Dhaka, tickets are getting by three to four times higher prices in and around the station. As a result, the Dhaka bound passengers for different proposes like office-activities, or getting medical services or for job examination are suffering a lot.

In this regard, a black marketer said that the amount of Tk 600 to Tk 1000 is being taken for Shovon chair of the railway ticket though the actual price is Tk 465, while Tk 1500 to Tk 2000 is being taken for AC chair instead of the actual price Tk 892.

Recently, a member of the black market named Aminul Islam was arrested by the Railway Police from Dinajpur Railway Station. And, the police recovered six tickets from him.

Dinajpur Railway Police (GRP) Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Gulzar Hossain said, “Black market of train ticket has become a major problem.” “Occasionally some detained during the raid but cannot be suppressed. The black marketers’ groups are very strong,” the official recognized also.