Alexa Bijori Barkatullah in title role

Dhaka, Wednesday   13 November 2019


Bijori Barkatullah in title role

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 06:21 PM, 4 November 2019   Updated: 02:06 PM, 6 November 2019

Bijori Barkatullah

Bijori Barkatullah

Popular actress Bijori Barkatullah has starred in the title role in the drama ‘Apa’ written by Kazi Riton and directed by Sakal Ahmed. 

Meanwhile, the shooting of the play has been completed where legendary heroine Sujata, Intekhab Dinar, Nazira Mou, Irfan Sajjad have performed in different characters. The drama ‘Apa’ produced by ‘Black and White’ will be aired on Ekushey Television tonight at 10:00 pm.

Regarding Bijori Barkatullah’s starring the drama, director Sakal Ahmed said, “‘Apa’ is a drama about the story of a lower-middle-class family where ‘Apa’ runs a family without father. A darkness has come down on her life when was spending the days with her mother, younger brother and sister Ignoring her happiness. Dinar, the only companion of her happiness, also started to ignore her. The girl becomes helpless.”

There is only one reason to finalize Bijori for the character ‘Apa’ — the first thing I found in her was the ability to capture the story and the character. Besides, I know about her strong acting while working with her for a long time, he added. 

‘Apa’ is a story that happens very often in our society. That is why I myself became obsessed with acting in this drama related to life. Many viewers will find the similarities in their lives with this story, said Bijori Barkatullah, regarding the drama, saying, “It is easy to understand what a director wants or does not want because of working with a director for a long time. That’s why the work has become so enjoyable. I’m very optimistic about the task.” 

Meanwhile, Bijori Barkatullah is regularly starring in the ‘Bemanan’ series directed by Shihab Shaheen. She also acted in Duronto TV’s popular serial ‘Baba Thake Bashay’ as well as also starred in the web series ‘Pap Daddy’ under the guidance of Masud Hasan Ujjal.