Bidyanondo hospital: Where treatment cost only Tk 1!...

Dhaka, Sunday   17 January 2021

Bidyanondo hospital: Where treatment cost only Tk 1!

 Adnan Shakib, Chattogram

 Published: 09:40 PM, 28 November 2020  

Bidyanondo Maternal and Child Care Hospital; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Bidyanondo Maternal and Child Care Hospital; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Ayesha Begum, wife of Ishaq Ali of Pahartali area in Chattogram city, has been suffering from breathing problems for a long time. She could not get treatment due to lack of money and stayed home for a few weeks. One day. she heard from her neighbor Masuda Khatun about low-cost treatment where she can get medical services for only one taka.    

“I could not get treatment due to lack of money. Then I approached ‘Bidyanondo Foundation’ as per the advice of a neighbor. They gave medicines along with good treatment. I was truly amazed that there are still such organizations in the country,” Ayesha Begum said.

The organization has launched ‘Bidyanondo Maternal and Child Care Hospital’. The hospital has been set up in an eight-storey building on Pahartali Sagarika Road in the Chattogram city with the aim of providing medical services to 10,000 poor people every month. 

It is learned that besides some important departments in the new hospital, a separate ward with 16 beds has also been set up to help the patients suffering from coronavirus (Covid-19). The 50-bed hospital has a 21-bed general ward, 12-bed emergency ward and one-bed dental unit.

Telemedicine services have also been set up to provide treatment in marginal areas. Experienced consultants from home and abroad will be involved in the service of the underprivileged people at all times. Initially, outdoor service will be introduced but indoor service will be introduced in phases. And if the indoor service is launched, the underprivileged people will get all kinds of medical services including accommodation and food here at a cost of only Tk 1.
“A large part of the underprivileged people in the region would get medical treatment from the hospital for only Tk one. All kinds of cooperation will be provided by the health administration,” said Civil Surgeon Dr. Sheikh Fazle Rabbi.  

Julhas Alam, a consultant for the Bidyanondo Foundation and bureau chief of the Associated Press (AP), a New York-based international news agency, said Bidyanondo’s name has begun to be heard in the world arena. The international media is also reporting on Bidyanondo. This is brightening the image of the country. “I believe that the idea of ​​providing medical services for only Tk 1 will spread everywhere,” he added.

“It has been our long dream to start such a hospital,” said Shipra Das, general secretary of the Bidyanondo Foundation. “We are happy that it has finally come true. We have started a campaign to spread the information about getting treatment for one taka among the general people.” 

“When a patient leaves the hospital with a sigh of relief for medical treatment for a nominal fee, that is our great achievement,” he added.