Betel nut sale meet abundance...

Dhaka, Wednesday   27 October 2021

Betel nut sale meet abundance

 Jhalokathi Correspondent

 Published: 03:23 PM, 22 November 2018   Updated: 03:23 PM, 22 November 2018



Betel nut sale meets abundance in Jamaddarhat in Kathalia Upazila under Jhalokathi district. It gained bumper production around the five ups of the upazila this year.

Local sources said hundreds of retail collectors are crowding the area from different parts of the country. Because of having a good price in the local markets, people are happy by earning handsome rewards. As people have no firming cost for the betel nut, retail collectors are also happy with its reasonable price.

After meeting the local demands betel nut is being exported crossing the national boundary, sources also informed.

It’s learned that once plant, betel tree gives production till 30-35 years continuously without any care or firming cost. Its profits cover 3 times more than paddy cultivation. That’s why farmers of the area are being more interested in Betel nut cultivation recently. Besides they can grow various crops including lemon and turmeric easily in the Betel garden.

Kathalia upazila Agriculture department informed commercial firming of betel nut has met bumper production in 385 hectors of land around 54 villages in this upazilla, this year. Many people received good production from the natural cultivation of betel trees near about residential houses. Agriculture department claims that is has been the highest production of betel nut during 12 years last.

 A betel garden owner named Md. Kamal Hossein of South Chechri of Jamaddarhat area also said, “Production has met 3 times multiple more than the 12 years last. Betel nut sizes are also bigger, due to better raining this year betel nut produces plenty.”

Local farmers informed, in this season they are being well rewarded from betel nut as its price in the local market is as good as Tk200- 350 for per Kuri( one Kuri equal to 210 betel nuts).

Shahidul Islam, an Agriculture officer of the upazila said that due to having positive weather condition for betel nut it has been produced so abundantly in this area.