Benefits of green mango in this summer ...

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Benefits of green mango in this summer 

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 Published: 01:08 PM, 23 May 2020  

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Now it is the season for green mango. Green mango protects us from various difficult diseases in the body. So it is important to keep green mango in the daily diet. Let's find out about the benefits of green mango-

                                                                                                                                                                                                               > Green mango is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which provides nutrition to the body.

> It is rich in carotene and vitamins that keeps our eyes well.

> It contains beta carotene which helps in preventing heart disease.

> It contains Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin-2, Calcium and Iron in a good amount which is very important for our body.

> If you have a habit of regular exercise, eat green mango as it is quite helpful in filling the potassium deficiency.

 > As it is rich in potassium and magnesium, it is very useful for acidity, muscle cramps, stress and heart problems.

> It is quite useful in the problem of anemia because raw mangoes contain a lot of iron.

> This fruit eliminates constipation as it is fiber-rich. It also helps prevent colon cancer.

> Raw mango helps prevent cholera, anemia and tuberculosis.

> As it is rich in vitamin C, raw mango builds immunity and protects against cold and cough during hot weather.

> Dry the mango seeds and make powder. It is quite useful for curing diarrhea.

> Mango leaves are very helpful in reducing the incidence of diabetes.

> Raw mango helps in eliminating kidney problems.

> It relieves breathing and fever problems.

> It contains enough carbohydrates. Moreover, as it is an alkaline food, it works well in relieving fruit acidity.

> Rich in antioxidants, it contains anti-virus and anti-cancer ingredients.

> Mango pulp helps to keep the skin bright.

 > Leave a thin slice of mango on the skin for a while and wash your face. This will reduce the problem of closing the mouth of the pores.

> Raw mangoes have more vitamin C than ripe mangoes which strengthens our immune system.