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Dhaka, Wednesday   20 November 2019


Benefits of e-Passport

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 Published: 10:34 PM, 31 October 2019  

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Bangladesh is going to introduce the biometric characterized passport; E-Passport having a validity of 10 years from November 28.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the issuance of e-passport after inaugurating Passport Services Week on April 24, 2016. The Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) completed all the tasks at the fastest possible time including making project proposals.

Let's know about the benefits of e-passport-

  1. The e-passport will have a 10-year validity that will benefit the expatriates. Because they complained that there are various types of problems to renew a passport.
  2. The E-Passport is a system where a digital page (data page) will be added along with the existing book. The digital page will have advanced machine-readable chips installed. All passport holders’ information will be stored in it.
  3. The data page will contain three types of pictures of passport holders, 10 fingerprints and eye iris. While traveling, the Immigration Authority will be able to access all passport holder's information at the fastest time through the computer. The biggest advantage is for visa checking at different airports.
  4. In the first phase, e-passport will be provided from three regional offices of Dhaka including the main office. Then e-passport will be issued from all over the country and abroad also.
  5. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to stand in line for visa checking at various airports. The immigration task can be completed at the fastest time by the hassle-free e-gate.
  6. Recently some such fake MRPs have been detected in Malaysia and Thailand. Though the existing MRP has 38 security features, most of MRPs are possible to be forged. But it will not be possible to fake the polycarbonate data page of the e-passport book. In addition, the e-passport has 42 security features.