Beggar fulfills his dream by building two-storey house...

Dhaka, Friday   22 October 2021

Beggar fulfills his dream by building two-storey house

 Chuadanga Correspondent

 Published: 04:46 PM, 16 September 2021  

Beggar Rahmat Ali’s two-storey house

Beggar Rahmat Ali’s two-storey house

Rich or poor — everyone dreams of sleeping in a well-decorated room, however, many helpless people cannot build a building even if they want to. But Rahmat Ali alias Namen Ali, 55, has fulfilled his dream with alms. With the alms money, he has built a two-storey house on government land with his own hands for 20 years. 

Rahmat Ali, son of Qiyamuddin, a resident of Kadipur village in Damurhuda upazlia of Chuadanga. Rahmat Ali has a son, but his wife died a long time ago. 

It was learned that his day-laborer son wants to keep his father with him, however, the beggar father refused to stay with his son.

At the end of the day, Rahmat Ali used to repair the house himself every afternoon with alms money – that’s how he spent 20 years to build a two-storey house.

Rahmat Ali, a physically impaired beggar, said he had been living by building a hut on the Chuadanga-Jibannagar Highway for 30 years on the land of Dugdugi UP and Road Division near Pashurhat in Damurhuda upazila. He had to face problems at different times during storms and rains, as a result, he built a small brick house in 2000 with his bare hands. Since then, he was planning to extend the semi-pucca house. 

Later, he used to buy some bricks, cement and sand with his alms money and used to do a little bit of masonry work every afternoon. Now, after 20 years, he has built two rooms downstairs and one upstairs.

Rahmat Ali said he fulfilled his dream of living in a two-storey house. He used to sit on his house when the road division carried out eviction drives at different times, later, he was saved from eviction at the request of the locals.  

Nizam Uddin, acting chairman of Hauli UP, said beggar Rahmat Ali alias Nomen Ali started building a shack here about 30 years ago. In 2000, he built a semi-pucca house with mud and bricks. Then he slowly picked up bricks, bought some cement and started working to build the two-storey house with his own hands.